Frequently Asked Questions

What is your pay structure for Owner/Operators?

Net 14%, Weekly

What is your pay structure for company drivers?

Possible to earn over $150,000 Per Year

Do you provide demurrage pay?

Yes, $50-$55 hour after two free hours

Do you provide Housing or Per diem Pay?

○ Housing Per-Deim will be discussed during the hiring process.
○ All All Power Trucks have sleepers. Also, will have full access to all of the terminal’s facilities which includes showers, laundry units, and a Drivers Lounge that has a full kitchen and television with satellite tv.

Do you have a Bonus program?

○ $2,000.00 Sign-On Bonus
○ Annual Incentive Bonus of 3%
○ Performance/Safety Bonus every pay period that range from $150 to $600 depending on what goals are achieved for that period.
○ Safe Driving Recognition Bonuses
○ One of the most competitive wages around. Pay is based off of a percentage of the load.

What is the Orientation Process?

● Complete Driver Intake Program
● Site Specific and Client Training
● Job Specific Training

Do you offer Employee and Family Healthcare and Benefits?

○ Health Insurance
○ Dental
○ Vision